A Canadian Made, Aviation Digital Marketing Company

Our Aviation Foundation


As a young company, we’re proud of wht we’ve built and where our clients are going. Experts in their respective Aviation fields, we are the experts in growing a companies online presence. We employ a growth mindset to ensure consistent growth which in turn leads to a growing ROI.


Quantum Click is comfortable & adaptable to change. With the Canadian aviation industry & the subsequent online world constantly changing, our strategy ensures we stay ahead & up to date with the latest trends, strategies & techniques. 

Created By A Pilot, Designed For The Growth Of The Aviation Community

Every Startup has their own story. At Quantum Click, we are proud of our roots. Our story didn’t begin on the ground, but rather, up at 25,000 ft. In 2014, Jason completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta. He then went on to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot.

Today, an airline pilot by trade, Jason integrated himself back into the business world by spearheading his local flight school’s marketing program. With continued success he launched Quantum Click, a startup focusing on the niche of the Canadian Aviation Industry.

He looks forward to Quantum Click “taking off” & reaching “new heights” through establishing positive & goal orientated relationships with Quantum Click’s clients.

Jason Migadel, Founder